Advising Resources for Students

The University of Miami provides several resources for students and sometimes it is difficult to know what different systems and websites are used for, as a new student.

Information for Academic Planning

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  • Academic Bulletin

    • The University of Miami Academic Bulletin is home to all University academic-related policies and requirements for all academic programs. 
    • The academic year a student enters the University, is their "bulletin year," and should be aware that the bulletin website opens to the current bulletin year. For example, if a student enters in Fall 2017, their bulletin year is 2017-2018. If they enter Spring 2018, their bulletin year is still 2017-2018, however, if a student enters in Fall 2018, their bulletin year is 2018-2019, and so forth.
    • Previous bulletins can be found through the side navigation.

  • Academic Calendars, Certification of Current Enrollment, and Forms

    • Visit the University Registrar's website for information on the following:
      • Academic Calendars 
      • Student Forms
        • Academic Change Form (changing majors, minors, and/or cognates)
        • Certification of Current Enrollment
        • Cognate Substitution Form
      • Graduation and Transcripts

  • Cognate Search Engine

    • The Cognates Program comprises the Areas of Knowledge component of the University of Miami’s framework for General Education. Cognates can help you shape a program of learning that is broad, coherent, exciting, substantive, and uniquely your own.

  • Math Placement

    • View the process and requirements for placement into respective mathematics courses.

Advising & Registration Technology

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  • Blackboard

    • Blackboard is the learning management system (LMS) that faculty will upload course materials and syllabi to for students to engage and complete coursework.

  • CaneLink

    • CaneLink is the University of Miami’s student information system and a major component of the long term plan to modernize the University of Miami’s administrative systems.
    • There are a few Canelink tutorials highlighted in videos below, but if you're looking for more information, visit IT's website dedicated to Canelink information.
    • Find courses on Canelink, and build your class schedule using this worksheet.

  • Navigate

    • The Navigate website is a tool for academic advisors and other academic support staff. You can log-in and see drop-in availability for academic advisors, faculty advisors, and various offices throughout campus, as well as schedule appointments for participating advisors.
    • You will also be able to schedule tutoring appointments with the Camner Center for Academic Resources