Progress Reports

Progress Reports are a tool for faculty to provide feedback to students on their performance in their class and give recommendations for improving performance at various points throughout the semester.  

We are committed to the welfare and success of our students, and progress reports help identify students who may not be performing well in their courses so that academic advisors and other members of the student success community can support students by checking-in and connecting students to resources on campus.

Progress reports can be part of a coordinated campaign or issued at any moment by a faculty member teaching a course.

Types of Progress Reports

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  • Mid-Term Progress Report Campaign

    The Office of the Provost through the Dean of Undergraduate Affairs launches the mid-term progress report campaign for all undergraduate students around week 7 of fall and spring semesters, which remains open for 3 weeks. The specific dates for when the campaign opens and closes are listed on the Academic Calendar every semester.

    The Mid-Term Progress Report Campaign is supported with communication of resources to students and meeting requests from students' assigned academic advisors for those with 2 or more alerts that a student may not pass the course.  

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  • Student Athlete Progress Report Campaigns

    The Athletics Department launches an early alert progress report campaign around week 3 and a near-end of semester campaign around week 13 for all student athletes during fall and spring semesters.

  • Ad-Hoc Progress Reports

    Faculty are able to create progress reports outside of the progress report campaign schedule.  This can be particuarly helpful if an instructor wants to raise concerns or share kudos for doing well with a student earlier or later than a scheduled campaign.

    A video tutorial for how to create an ad-hoc progress report is available on the Information for Faculty page.

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Coordinated Outreach and Support Process

Part 1

Student Marked "At-Risk"

  • Students are marked "at-risk" of failing a course by their instructor in a progress report, whether from the scheduled campaign advertised on the academic calendar, or an ad-hoc progress report initiated by the instructor.

Part 2

Student & Advisor Notified

  • Students and their advisor receive an email from the instructor notifying them that they've received a progress report indicating concerns about their performance in class thus far.
  • Students with one alert also receive an email from the Dean of Undergraduate Affairs  encouraging them to use campus resources for support.

Part 3

Meet with Advisor

  • Assigned academic advisors send a meeting request through an appointment campaign to students who have more than one at-risk alert to discuss any concerns that may be impacting their ability to succeed, campus resources, and options if considering withdrawing from the course.