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  • The importance of progress reports

    We know our faculty members are committed to the welfare and success of their students, and progress reports help identify students of concern so that advisors and other student support staff on campus can have a more holistic sense about their students' academic support needs.  The more faculty who submit their progress reports through the scheduled campaign, the more equipped the advisor will be to discuss a student's performance proactively.

    The Faculty Manual specifies that "Midterm Academic Deficiency Reports" are due by the 30th class day of the semester for undergraduate students.  We refer to them as progress reports now to align the language with the name of the feature in the platform used, EAB Navigate, in hopes of reducing confusion with different language.

  • Current Progress Report Campaign Important Dates (Spring 2024)

    We understand that classes have unique timelines in terms of when assessments are scheduled throughout the semester, which is why the Progress Report campaign is open for 3 weeks.

    For Spring 2024:

    • Opens: Monday, February 26
    • Closes: Monday, March 18 at 11:59 PM
    • Last day to withdraw: Friday, April 12

    This timeline gives faculty flexibility for the unique needs of their courses, and advisors enough time to connect with their students prior to the last day to withdraw from a course if that option is what ultimately is the best for that student.

  • Need Help?

    • A common issue for accelerated courses not following the standard academic calendar for Undergraduate students is if the course was in progress at the start of the progress report campaign, but has concluded by the time you are accessing the link to complete yours, your course will no longer be available.  Please know that we are aware of this, and we hope to exclude accelerated courses next semester.

  • Submitting ad-hoc Progress Reports

Coordinated Outreach and Support Process

Student marked "at-risk"

  • Students are marked "at-risk" of failing a course by their instructor in a progress report, whether from the scheduled campaign advertised on the academic calendar, or an ad-hoc progress report initiated by the instructor.

Student & Advisor Notified

  • Students and their advisor receive an email from the instructor notifying them that they've received a progress report indicating concerns about their performance in class thus far.
  • Students with one alert also receive an email from the Dean of Undergraduate Affairs  encouraging them to use campus resources for support.

Meet with Advisor

  • Assigned academic advisors send a meeting request through an appointment campaign to students who have more than one at-risk alert to discuss any concerns that may be impacting their ability to succeed, campus resources, and options if considering withdrawing from the course.